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Things You May Not Know

              Silly string of any kind will cause permanent damage to the vinyl materials used in construction of the inflatable and will cause permanent damage to the inflatable. This damage may include discoloration, removal of the protective fire coating, weakening of the fabric and loss of water repellency and more.

Party Inflatables rentals are fun to have at partys.

The state of Arkansas requires anyone in the Inflatables Business to hold insurance and to have yearly inspections. 

Safety is number one.

When you get ready to rent you will be asked a lot of questions. Like... 

  • How far is electric and water to the perfect spot being flat ground on grass or the location you believe will work.

  • If not a level spot what is the terrain like.

  • Do you need a generator. 

  • Do you have enough water hoses. 

  • Do you have any hazards above or below ground close to area of setup you think works.

  • Your set up spot maybe different then the operators spot to place the inflatable.

  • When renting inflatables be ready to sign contracts, waivers, and rules these things are a must and demanded by other not just an operator or business your are renting from.

  • inclement weather means no Funtime. Safety is key.

  • Get the hazards off your body before playing.

  • Don't group different age and size kids together.

  • Be ready for the operator to walk you though safety, operating and trouble shooting steps.

  • Yes the inflatable will hiss at the seams and air will leak inflatables are not a completely sealed unit.

  • 100 foot of electrical cord is the max run an operator should run to operate an Inflatable.

  • Is there ample room for the equipment to fit.

  • What kind of surface will the equipment be on grass, concrete, etc.

  • Operator should do a site inspection before unloading equipment.

  • If you child bleeds, get sick or any other biohazard it important to know Full strength bleach will ruin the vinyl on an inflatable. If a situation like this happen call you equipment rental operator to find out what to use.

  • Don't move the unit to another spot once it placed on the location.

You have the rights to ask a company for there insurance and other proper documents to make sure they are a legit company.

Coiled up cords get hotter. 

If you rent from a company, make sure every tie down point is secured, If a tie down is not use tell someone, make sure all tether strap is anchored down. Make sure all tether strap anchors are 75 percent in the ground, Any and all stakes are to be straight up and down when placed in the ground.

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